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The Feline Guest House

Un palais pour les minets

 The cat opens his eyes, the sun enters in.
The cat closes his eyes, the sun stays in.
That’s why, at night, when the cat awakes,
I can see, in the dark, two pieces of sun.

pas de stress

The cats'house

  • Heated and isolated rooms (4m²) with garden (16m²)

Almost free...

Mimi se fait bronzer Mimi' se la coule douce Mimi veille Mimi ronronne
... sun-bathing ... resting ...spying ...curling up
  • First-rate menu: croquettes PURINA PROPLAN
  • Required vaccines : Typhus, Coryza, Leucose
  • Adult males must be castrated
  • 24 hours a day available veterinary surgeons.