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The Canine Guest House

Entrez... He would be the unsightliest dog of the world,
still, i would love him because of his eyes.
I would be the eldest of all the eldest of the world,
still, love would shine in the depth of his eyes.
Then, we would be, the two of us,
him, so unsightly, me, so old,
nearly less lonely in this world.
- individual isolated and heated boxes (10m²).

- Relaxing area (1300m²) and several daily going out…

pas de stress

de la bonne herbe pour gambader
On se fait des copains on peut trouver l'âme soeur on cherche le trésor
... as a group ... as a couple ... or alone
  • First-rate menu: PURINA PROPLAN
  • Required vaccines: CHPPiLBb
  • Identification requiered
  • 24 hours a day available veterinary surgeons